Meet Brady

Besides being passionate about the combination that is bacon and avocado, I'm passionate about capturing real moments and creating art. 

I'm a bird nerd, a seal whisperer, a half marathon finisher, poker shark, a skater, surfer, and lover of chocolate. When I play Words With Friends, I play to win.

My wife and I have two kids that, at first glance, are nothing more than two pairs of chubby cheeks. But they are awesome, so unique in their everything, and I love to photograph them. When we aren't feeding the goats at Avila Valley Barn, building sandcastles, or watching Mr Peabody and Sherman, we... who am I kidding, that's all we do. When the kids are finally sleeping my wife and I usually catch-up on Better Call Saul, Walking Dead, or Fixer Uppers, and enjoy some froyo. My family is my inspiration and I couldn't imagine life unfolding any differently.

The culmination of my life experiences thus far has instilled in me a deep appreciation for "the moment," and it's something I take with me when capturing a wedding, family time, or portraits. I'm all about the moments.

Brady Cabe Photography: Artist Highlight from Clearwest Productions on Vimeo.

I love to be outdoors, with my feet and tripod in the water, capturing a sunset or the Milky Way late into the night. My passion for capturing the night sky has spilled over into teaching workshops and sharing that experience in a group environment. Teaching has been an unforeseen blessing along my photography journey.

In my spare time I am a freelance photographer for the Santa Maria Times and Santa Barbara News Press newspapers.

I'm based in Grover Beach, CA, offering services in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas, as well as Bakersfield.

Let's find out what makes you light up. I want to photograph that