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When I took up surfing in my early 20's I developed an appreciation for the early morning light. The blue hour while suiting up to brave the cold Pacific and then into the first rays of golden light, flaring the overspray of the frigid waters, catching the offshore breeze. It is a magical time of day, stolen hours that would otherwise be spent sleeping, became the gift of a longer, fuller day.

This is when I started to take photos. I wanted to capture the warm glow of the light spilling over the hills in Cayucos, turning HWY 1 into gold. I wanted to share the stoke of surfing and those empty, early morning peaks. I started with my cell phone and then eventually got a DSLR. As I learned the craft, I started taking more photos of people and grew an obsession with capturing moments, interactions, events and instances of light and nature.

It wasn't until recently when I began my employment at Really Right Stuff that I started to get serious about my landscape photography. I learned a lot from my coworkers about elements of good landscape photography and proper camera support, and started going on my own adventures out and about the Central Coast. This time instead of looking for waves, I was looking for foreground and dynamic scenes when the best light was available. I took my passion for sunsets and started applying this new knowledge and capturing things that I am truly excited about sharing with you all.

This blog post is a small collection of some of my more recent photographic pursuits, ranging geographically from Pismo up to Big Sur. Please enjoy and share.

All of these photos and many more are available as gallery-wrapped canvases, prints and specialty items through my print site.

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