Stephen and Alicia San Luis Obispo Elopement SLO Pop Up Wedding

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_9826IMG_9826 IMG_9868IMG_9868 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_9850IMG_9850 IMG_9805IMG_9805

Stephen and Alicia's elopement among the trees was gorgeous, with the brilliant glow of the setting sun peaking in through the branches during the ceremony. Their vows were candid, refreshing, and honest. I had a ton of fun working with SLO Pop-Up weddings and Olive Tree Officiating!

Here are some of my selections from their special day.

IMG_9685IMG_9685 IMG_9693IMG_9693 IMG_1712IMG_1712 IMG_1717IMG_1717 IMG_9739IMG_9739 IMG_9747IMG_9747 IMG_9783IMG_9783 IMG_1750IMG_1750 IMG_9822IMG_9822 IMG_9838IMG_9838 IMG_1777IMG_1777 IMG_1772IMG_1772 IMG_9871IMG_9871 IMG_1797IMG_1797 IMG_1809IMG_1809 IMG_1826IMG_1826 IMG_1846IMG_1846 IMG_1874IMG_1874 IMG_1857IMG_1857   IMG_9904IMG_9904 IMG_1896IMG_1896


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