Week In Photos - Week 6 - 2016 - Life and Adventures around the Central Coast of California

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Week 6 was 2 weeks ago - I don't remember any of this! That's why these weekly photo blog posts are a lot of fun for me. It definitely doesn't seem like 2 weeks since Megan and Chris' wedding portrait.

A few of these photos are from a scouting session with Paul Irving from Big Big SLO. We are working on a great new project - putting together a visitor guide for Los Osos / Baywood Park. I'm working with him to capture photos of specific areas of interest for use in the booklet. I can't wait to share from that session next week and the final result in the next few months!

In the meantime, thank you for checking out my weekly photo blog and feel free to share!

IMG_8488IMG_8488 IMG_8551IMG_8551

That's my daughter. We go on adventures. 

  IMG_8529IMG_8529 IMG_8582IMG_8582 IMG_4599IMG_4599 IMG_4609IMG_4609 IMG_4738IMG_4738 IMG_4821IMG_4821 IMG_4852IMG_4852 IMG_4864IMG_4864 IMG_4898IMG_4898 IMG_4903IMG_4903 IMG_4928IMG_4928 IMG_4999IMG_4999 IMG_5061IMG_5061

Check out more of Megan and Chris' wedding day portrait here.

IMG_5103IMG_5103 IMG_5323IMG_5323 IMG_5548IMG_5548 IMG_8693IMG_8693 IMG_8679IMG_8679 IMG_8756IMG_8756 IMG_8699-EditIMG_8699-Edit

Contact me about Milky Way portraits. Worth it.



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