Week In Photos - Week 8 - 2016 - Life and Adventures around the Central Coast of California

March 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


This week, my family and I drove on the sand in Pismo, made sand-castles, and took a family silhouette photo. All in all, a great week, although a little slow on the photo side of things. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon the Los Osos Valley Rd bald eagles, but by the time I pulled over to take a photo, one of them had taken flight. 

Thanks for taking a look!

IMG_0215IMG_0215 IMG_0242IMG_0242 IMG_0176IMG_0176 IMG_0247IMG_0247 IMG_0339IMG_0339 IMG_0364IMG_0364 IMG_0384IMG_0384 IMG_0373IMG_0373 IMG_0441IMG_0441 IMG_0453IMG_0453 IMG_0536IMG_0536 IMG_0625IMG_0625


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