Workshop Attendee Testimonials


What Students are saying:

"I have taught several photography classes and clients. I was also a teacher for 31 years and believe I know the qualities of a fine educator. Brady Cabe is among the best I have seen and learned from. His attention to detail is only surpassed by his preparation and commitment to his students, who by the way, become friends very easily. If you are reading this then just take the class! An adventure awaits you, both in subject matter and most of all . . . in Brady"

-Bob Canepa

"...I had the pleasure of taking Brady's astrophotography workshop in June 2015. Brady is a knowledgeable and well prepared instructor. He is also very flexible and ready to listen to the people he is instructing. I have been a photographer for many years, and yet Brady was able to give me valuable information and insight, that was new, and helps me in my creative endeavors.

I would recommend Brady Cabe for any class he may teach, because I know he will do all that is necessary, and required, to create a great experience for those involved!."

-Dan O'Donnell

".... I can say without doubt it's best photography workshop I ever took. His planning was immaculate and he was constantly in touch with the participants providing weather and location updates... I'd strongly recommend his workshop."

-Senthil Kumar

"I attended the workshop on astrophotography in July (2017) and liked and learned so much I have signed up for the August workshop. Brady is an excellent teacher and really knowledgeable on shooting the night sky but also on photography in general. We use same camera and lens for shooting at night which was great for me, the questions I had or problem I was encountering was answered right away. The avenues opened up for me have greatly enhanced my photography.  Especially useful and full of info was the class the day after the night shoot, once again Brady showed me ways of doing things in Light room and Photoshop that have helped me immensely. If you are at all experienced at astrophotography or are just beginning this workshop is for you."

-Jim Decker

"...It was excellent, he provided all the information with on the scene instruction as well as thorough notes. The workshop was small and each person got a lot of one-on-one instruction and help. The next day we met in a classroom for post-editing instruction. I enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend it."

-Mimi Ditchie

"...I have been on many outings with different photo leaders and Brady made a great impression on me... For in the field instruction, he was very thorough instructing us with what we needed to know. He also gave us one-on-one attention for our individual needs. He made arrangements ahead of time for a modern private classroom and taught us many techniques for post-processing astrophotography images. He is very knowledgeable and patient... I would strongly recommend taking his workshops based on my recent experience."


"...I had a great time and learned SO MUCH at the Astrophotography class! Thank you for sharing what you know in a fun and educational way. It was not intimidating at all and you opened a whole new world of cool stuff that I can now do with my camera. Thank you Brady!!!"


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