2018 Astrophotography Workshops 


Group sessions are officially over until the 2018 Milky Way season (and last year was a blast!) Book your private field session below for exclusive one-on-one instruction at the location of your choice. Available for travel! (travel fees apply outside of San Luis Obispo county)

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What Will We Learn? 

  • My Cave at NightMy Cave at Night Milky Way - Classes are planned around optimal viewing of the Milky Way core or "Great Rift"
  • Star Trails - Learn to capture a star trail image in a single exposure, or using multiple, stacked frames
  • Meteor Showers - Learn to plan and shoot the next meteor shower 
  • Light Painting - Emphasis on using off-camera flash to capture dynamic images
  • Post Processing - Book the Field/Class session to learn how to capture AND edit your night sky photos
  • Planning - Location, time of year, moon phases, smartphone apps - make sense of all the variables to plan a successful shoot!
  • One On One Time - There's always plenty of time to ask questions - I want you to get it!


This workshop will give you the building blocks for photographing the night sky, including Milky Way capture, star trails, photographing meteor showers, location planning, post-processing, and much more. 

Any and all related questions will be happily answered, and there will be plenty of time for one on one attention throughout the workshop. When you leave, you will be able to confidently return into the night on your own and capture dramatic images of the stars.

Standing In AweStanding In Awe There are two parts to the workshop: both an in-field session where we go hands-on and learn to capture the night sky, as well as an in-class portion to go over post-processing and getting the most of your night sky images. If this is your first time taking the workshop, be sure to select the option that includes both days. Repeat students are welcome to choose from either session to get a refresher.

The first time you see a vivid Milky Way image on the back of your camera on a clear night, it's truly an invigorating experience. We will focus on wide-field astrophotography, which can best be described as landscape photography in the dark, with an emphasis on capturing vivid Milky Way images using wide-angle lenses. I am excited to share with you everything I know about photographing the night sky!

Note about weather: I always have a backup location arranged, just in case our primary location does not offer clear skies. In the event we cannot escape the clouds, we will make the best of the situation. Most of the technique we will cover also applies to general Looking Up - PerseidsLooking Up - Perseids night photography - with or without clouds or Milky Way. Also, I include detailed notes from the class as a PDF that you can use to reference later - really handy!  

Redeeming a Gift Certificate?

If you have a valid gift certificate, please send me an email instead of registering online. All gift certificates for workshops are processed directly through me via email. I will send you a PayPal invoice for any left-over balance due, or any remaining value will be left on the gift certificate for future redemption on workshops or prints.


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"I have taught several photography classes and clients. I was also a teacher for 31 years and believe I know the qualities of a fine educator. Brady Cabe is among the best I have seen and learned from. His attention to detail is only surpassed by his preparation and commitment to his students, who by the way, become friends very easily. If you are reading this then just take the class! An adventure awaits you, both in subject matter and most of all . . . in Brady"


"I had the pleasure of taking Brady's astrophotography workshop in June 2015. Brady is a knowledgeable and well prepared instructor. He is also very flexible and ready to listen to the people he is instructing. I have been a photographer for many years, and yet Brady was able to give me valuable information and insight, that was new, and helps me in my creative endeavors.

I would recommend Brady Cabe for any class he may teach, because I know he will do all that is necessary, and required, to create a great experience for those involved!."


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