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Westside Church of Christ commercial photo shoot

March 05, 2012  •  3 Comments

IMG_8544 So far 2012 has been a year of surreal experiences in my photography, taking photos of folks who used to teach me in Sunday school, etc. This shoot was similar because I grew up going to church at Westside Church of Christ, so when I was asked to take photos for their new website revamp I was totally floored. It was a great experience working with Trey Talley, one of their pastors, building this shoot from scratch; talking locations, concepts and compiling detailed shot lists. In the end we had 14 models, a handful of helpers and this really sweet cross made by Mr. Talley himself.  

I even set my camera down and got involved with the post-hole digger during the shoot for the first setup of the cross (pictured below). Hands got dirty, etc. Hope you enjoy this set, small as it is, and I will repost a link to their website once it is updated, so you can see more of the final images.

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Brady Cabe Photographer Central California photography
Thank you both!
Trey Talley(non-registered)
Your canvas is the camera. Beautiful work Brady.
Lois Williams(non-registered)
Stunning. Absolutely stunning work. Our church is incredibly blessed to have you as one of our own. Blessings to you Brady. :)
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