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Videography services and that awkward moment when you remember saying "never"

April 02, 2012  •  2 Comments


I was never going back to college. I was only going to use prime lenses and never use flash photography (camera talk, sorry). I was definitely never going to shoot video with my DSLR, unless I saw a bald eagle maybe, or happened to be holding my camera during a crime in progress.

Well kids, never say never. I'm getting used to eating my own words, and finding they taste good washed down with much-needed extra cups of coffee after staring at my monitor, editing video. 

This project has been a blessing in so many ways, working with Trey from Westside Church of Christ on both this video series and the recent photo shoot. One thing Trey has a passion for, is leveraging talents of the youth and trying to integrate those talents into service. His hope is that creating relevant multimedia content will have a two-fold purpose of bringing engaging content to the church body while utilizing the untapped skills of some of the creative members of the congregation. It's a step in the right direction for today's church and I am excited to be part of this step for Westside. 

It was also a blessing to hear Justin's and Krystal's stories and I am excited about the impact their stories is going to have on the church body there and also future online viewers. These should be shared as often as you feel inclined to do so.

I chose to highlight Justin's video here, because everyone can stand to learn from his story, church-goer or not. He probably never thought he was going to get into some of the things he got into and then probably never thought he would find his way back to Christ. Funny how that works.

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Brady Cabe Photographer Central California photography
Thanks Robert! I appreciate it.
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Great job on the video man!
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