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Back to the central coast we go

June 19, 2012  •  1 Comment

Everything happens for a reason, right? I'm telling you, that cliche is time-tested. I cannot stress enough how much I believe that to be true. And if we aren't extracting some value from everything life throws at us, we are wasting opportunities to learn and grow.

I know, because I have wasted many.

But I don't want to talk about the missed opportunities, so much as I want to highlight the good stuff and the people I encountered over the last two years that helped route my course to get me to today.

We never wanted to come back to Bakersfield because leaving one's hometown, wherever that may be, is the ultimate goal for most people. We did it, yay. But it was calling us back.

Bakersfield takes the credit for molding me into a portrait photographer because my style, if you could call it that at the time, could be classified as abstract landscape with occasional accidental person or environmentally placed individual. I was living at the beach and so I shot nature, sunrises and the ocean and of course photos of my son. In Bakersfield, you take photos of people.

I have known Jennie Williams since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and when I got into town, she was gracious enough to let me tag-along on a few shoots and even a wedding. I was a rookie with a Rebel and a 50mm lens, determined to take over the world, but I really had a lot to learn. She gave me insights into the local photography scene and gave me incredible nuts and bolts photo biz advice that has enabled me to build my business and not just be that guy who shoots for cheap or free. We butt heads here and there, but I really can't thank her enough for helping build that foundation for what I have made my business into today.

The next person(s) I need to pay tribute to would be my photojournalism professor, John Emig for suggesting I join The Runner
newspaper. That 2-unit course would mold me more than I could have ever predicted, and introduce me to some amazing people and new friends. Most importantly, I met Mr Mark Nessia, who despises getting any sort of attention, but credit where credit is due. Mark was
willing to share ideas and talk photography. He taught me everything I know about shooting sports and really helped demystify off-camera flash, which has proved to be invaluable. Moving to Bakersfield was worth it just being able to build a professional relationship and friendship with Mark and having someone who's work I trust and respect that is willing to shoot photos with me.

I have to give a quick shout out to Trey Talley for trusting in my creative visual skills enough to commission the "my journey" videos for Westside Church of Christ. That project catapulted my business into the realm of videography and I am so excited about that new part of my business. I can't talk about videography without thanking Jennifer Burger in the CSUB Public Affairs Office for showing me how to use Final Cut Pro and
completely demystifying video editing for me, during my internship there.

Lastly, I have to thank my wife, Jennifer (who figured out she wants to become a nurse, thanks to our Bakersfield pilgrimage), for allowing me to be the busiest person in town and supporting that insanity. Everything I do, I do with her and our son in mind. Working two jobs, going to school full time and shooting photos and video whenever possible was utter insanity but somehow I was always blessed with the time to spend with my family and I am grateful for that. We could not have done anything the last two years without the constant support of all our parents who were able to take care of Jackson and bond with him while we were busy with school.

So what siren is calling us back to the coast? Our life really started when we moved to the coast right after getting married and then having our son there. We have roots there. We miss our old Sunday's: church, food with friends, beach walk, possibly a late afternoon surf and then Main Street Grill with the gang. I miss the ocean and all the comes with it.

But you know what? We will undoubtedly miss Bakersfield and more specifically the great people, family and friends we are leaving behind.

The question is begged, what next? I will certainly keep you posted. If you're a previous client, I would love to take your photos at the beach. If you're a friend, our sofa is comfortable and available for crashing. If you're family, well, no invitation necessary.

Cabe Creative will continue to service the central valley, while adding San Luis Obispo county to its immediate coverage area. I want to extend a hearty "thank you" to those I have met and worked with and hope that our paths continue to cross in the future. 


Mark Nessia(non-registered)
You'll always be a friend first and a fellow photographer second! Best of luck to you up at the coast!
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