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Hanging Out With My Kids

November 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment



So a magical thing happened recently; I switched from full time to part time at my desk job, working as a customer service rep at Really Right Stuff. With my wife working and child care costs simply not worth the expense, I am now a part-time stay-at-home dad. So far though, I have tried to stay out of the house as much as possible.

This has already resulted in more time with my kids in general, and more camera time; documenting their little selves. Even if things completely changed back tomorrow, I would still feel blessed to have this last week of part-time status. With the time change, this is even more awesome for me, as a landscape shooter and always chasing the sunset. This means I can potentially photograph each sunset, nap times and sick kids permitting.

IMG_3283IMG_3283 IMG_3294IMG_3294 IMG_3319IMG_3319

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