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Ken Bausano Musician Portrait

December 30, 2015  •  3 Comments


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Music has always been a passion of mine; whether writing, playing, or in this case photographing, it's an area where I feel right at home. When Deidra Bausano contacted me about a photo session for her husband Ken to refresh his website, I was beyond excited to book a shoot with a musician. Ken is a multi-talented artist who is capable of playing a vast array of instruments, with his forte being horns. My personal favorite was the blue horn pictured a few photos up, that featured incredible detail etched into the instrument body. 

Ken and Deidra, pictured below, own and operate Valley Entertainment, the Central Valley's premier source for live entertainment. Be sure to visit their website when you plan your next event!

Are you an artist or musician looking to spruce up your image? Music photography and working with artists is something I am deeply passionate about. Let's make it happen!

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Amber Fernandez(non-registered)
The photos look amazing! Excited to see them on his website too!
Ken Bausano(non-registered)
This man will become a superstar as a photographer, and I couldn't be more proud to stand here as Brady's willing subject. His eye is impeccable, his use of light is truly transformational, and his innate feel for HIS art is every bit as foundational as mine is for music. This made the sessions with Brady feel much like a great jazz session, where both players are continually riffing off of one another, and the outcome is readily apparent for all to see.

I cannot recommend Brady Cabe more highly, and I'm deeply grateful for these moments with him. And thanks to my dear wife for making it all happen!

Deidra Bausano(non-registered)
Brady....these are beyond my wildest expectation... I could not be more thrilled!! Thank you for capturing my hubby so beautifully. Love them!!

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