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Keith & Ramona - San Luis Obispo Mission and Ranch Wedding

August 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

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Keith and Ramona are totally down to hang out and take photos; check, check. I knew when we took engagement photos this past spring that their wedding would be easy-peasy and fun, because they are so laid-back and awesome. We kicked things off at the mission in downtown San Luis Obispo for the ceremony, and then cruised up See Canyon to the family's private ranch to celebrate with friends and family. Special guests included Le Festin Events and a family of deer grazing on the hillside. The deer were neither harmed during the shooting of this wedding nor compensated for their presence. 

The photo below is a bit of a re-enactment from their engagement session, and you can sort of make out the printed photo on the wall to the right of them, standing in the same spot, similar angle, just for fun.

I'm so happy for these two and can't wait to see where their adventure leads next. 

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