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The Kids with the Deer at Lake Lopez

January 08, 2016  •  1 Comment


My kids and I have been keeping pretty close watch on these deer at Lake Lopez, and they have been watching us as well. My daughter is fearless, and in the photo above she was making her way through the tall grass toward the deer. She looked up at a passing bird and I snapped the photo, just as the last bit of sunlight was touching her hair. 

I would love to snap some engagement or family photos near the deer. I think it could make for an interesting and unique backdrop. Drop me a line and let's set it up!

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Patsy Hogg(non-registered)
I love the story and all the photo's, having your 2 children in some is a special treat. The photo's of the deer are stunning, some a bit more for the light you captured ....
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