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Week In Photos - Week 2 - 2016 - Life and Adventures around the Central Coast of California

February 01, 2016  •  2 Comments


Week 2 of 2016 was action-packed. Not only did I stumbled upon a pair of bald eagles, thanks to some friends on Facebook and Twitter, but the local news station, KSBY, was kind enough to interview me for a short feature. It was a fun to be on the news, and folks sure seem to respond to photos of these truly magnificent birds. I am continuing to stalk the eagles as they hunt and live locally for the winter; it's a blast. My kids are with me most of the time when I am shooting, and they enjoy watching the eagles as well, although they don't like to stick around quite as long as I do. Snack, drinks, and a stop at the beach or park on the way home is usually enough to make all their waiting worth it. 

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Yes Paul, these are the eagles that are hanging out on LOVR just west of the Turri road crossing.
Hey, Brady - some fine shots here...

Was the pair of Eagles shot on that tree across from Turri?
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