Brady Cabe Photographer Central California photography | Week In Photos - Week 4 - 2016 - Life and Adventures around the Central Coast of California

Week In Photos - Week 4 - 2016 - Life and Adventures around the Central Coast of California

February 11, 2016  •  4 Comments



If this week had a sub-title, it would be "Birds and Surf." Birds are everywhere, and on the central coast, we have quite the variety - both inland and on the coast. I've been getting more and more in the habit of keeping my telephoto lens attached to my camera and in the passenger seat, because you never know when an uncommon or elusive bird, such as a Northern Harrier (in flight a few photos down) will appear near your moving vehicle. I'm finding I need one of those "this vehicle stops for..." bumper stickers. 

The Turri Rd Bald Eagles are still out and about, and I have been seeing them once or twice a week either perched on the Cypress trees or in flight along Los Osos Valley Rd, at various times of day. I hope you are able to get out and see these magnificent creatures for yourself while they are here for the winter. 

IMG_3164IMG_3164 IMG_3256IMG_3256 IMG_7422IMG_7422 IMG_2401IMG_2401 IMG_3706IMG_3706 IMG_7460IMG_7460 IMG_2337IMG_2337 IMG_2484IMG_2484 IMG_2599IMG_2599 IMG_3018IMG_3018

That is my family. 

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Brady Cabe Photographer Central California photography
Thank you everyone!
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Beautiful photos.
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These are incredible! Thanks for visiting our back yard and documenting its beauty with precious pictures.
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