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Carries Kids Pismo Beach Kid Lifestyle Portrait

January 25, 2016  •  2 Comments

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It is so awesome getting to see kids grow up from one session to the next! It was great to see Carrie and the kids and catch up. Here's a few of my favorite images from their Pismo Beach portrait. 

IMG_0770IMG_0770 IMG_0811IMG_0811 IMG_0913IMG_0913 IMG_0838IMG_0838 IMG_0849IMG_0849 IMG_0915IMG_0915 IMG_0966IMG_0966 IMG_0989IMG_0989 IMG_1035IMG_1035 IMG_1118IMG_1118 IMG_1055IMG_1055 IMG_1093IMG_1093 IMG_1236IMG_1236


Brady Cabe(non-registered)
Thank you so much Lynnette! It's been fun seeing eagles over here.
Hi Brady! These are fantastic pictures! Award winning in my book. I am the cousin Carrie and the girls were staying with while they were here. I also saw the story about you on the news with your bald eagle pictures! Beautiful!
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