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Wildlife on the Central Coast Eagles and Deer

January 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


I recently took a trip to Alaska to photograph the Northern Lights and bald eagles, and I guess a few eagles followed me back down. The journey to Alaska reawakened my love for photographing wildlife, so I sold off a few pieces of camera equipment, purchased a long lens, and haven't put it down since. Most of the time I have my kids along with me, and they really seem to enjoy seeing the wildlife; eagles and deer especially. Our area is so rich in natural beauty, I find myself in near constant awe at what we stumble upon daily. 

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Lake Lopez DeerLake Lopez Deer IMG_1505IMG_1505 IMG_9584IMG_9584 IMG_8630IMG_8630 IMG_0178IMG_0178

IMG_2002IMG_2002 IMG_9296IMG_9296 IMG_7091IMG_7091 IMG_7983IMG_7983 Snowy Egret ReflectionsSnowy Egret Reflections IMG_9091IMG_9091 IMG_6247IMG_6247 IMG_9055IMG_9055 IMG_8601IMG_8601 IMG_8350IMG_8350 IMG_8338IMG_8338 IMG_8279IMG_8279 IMG_8004IMG_8004 IMG_9674IMG_9674 IMG_9446IMG_9446 IMG_9499-EditIMG_9499-Edit IMG_0117IMG_0117 IMG_4332IMG_4332 IMG_3319IMG_3319 IMG_9554IMG_9554 IMG_9253IMG_9253 IMG_8854IMG_8854 IMG_3304IMG_3304 IMG_1515IMG_1515 IMG_8534IMG_8534 IMG_6049IMG_6049 IMG_5936IMG_5936 IMG_3937IMG_3937 IMG_3635IMG_3635 IMG_2757IMG_2757 IMG_2224IMG_2224 IMG_0050IMG_0050 _BC_9822_BC_9822 _BC_1879_BC_1879


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