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All of my photography workshops take place in Central California within San Luis Obispo County (unless otherwise stated,) and are "hands-on" in nature. Fingernails will get dirty, photos will be taken, and I will share everything I know. This page will be your guide to upcoming workshops, arranged by category, so please feel free to bookmark this web page, as new workshops are always being added. 

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I have been told time and time again by students that the "class notes" I provide after the workshop are worth the registration fee alone. I spend hours creating, modifying, and optimizing my curriculum and then formatting it into an easy to read and follow notation that you receive after class in PDF form. 

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Redeeming a Gift Certificate?

If you have a valid gift certificate, please send me an email instead of registering below. All gift certificates for workshops are processed directly through me via email. I will send you a PayPal invoice for any left-over balance due, or any remaining value will be left on the gift certificate for future redemption on workshops or prints.


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"I have taught several photography classes and clients. I was also a teacher for 31 years and believe I know the qualities of a fine educator. Brady Cabe is among the best I have seen and learned from. His attention to detail is only surpassed by his preparation and commitment to his students, who by the way, become friends very easily. If you are reading this then just take the class! An adventure awaits you, both in subject matter and most of all . . . in Brady"


"I had the pleasure of taking Brady's astrophotography workshop in June 2015. Brady is a knowledgeable and well prepared instructor. He is also very flexible and ready to listen to the people he is instructing. I have been a photographer for many years, and yet Brady was able to give me valuable information and insight, that was new, and helps me in my creative endeavors.

I would recommend Brady Cabe for any class he may teach, because I know he will do all that is necessary, and required, to create a great experience for those involved!."


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